Getting to grips with animation from an early age is a great way to start them on an artistic journey that hopefully will last a lifetime.

By giving your child a piece of animation software you can help them to make better use of their computer time, instead of spending it solely on video games.

What Makes Animation Different?

Animation is a wonderful combination or drawing, design, story-telling, timing and film making.

By getting an early grounding in the animation process your child will easily be able to further develop each of these skillsets as they become more interested in the craft.

The New Media

The rise of what they call the “new media” has meant that creative, artistic, and technical skills are in huge demand. And young people who show a proficiency in these areas are more likely to secure job positions.

Understanding animation and developing a strong visual language is critical to harness the full potential of today’s technology.

Why Animation Software Beats Video Games

As I mentioned earlier, if your child is going to be on the computer they might as well be doing something that develops the creative side of their brains rather than passively playing video games.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with video games – in fact they can develop the left side of the brain in the form of problem solving and hand eye co-ordination.

It’s just that from a creative perspective they inevitably follow the path created by the game designers, instead of creating their own world asĀ  is possible in an animation program.

Believe me, once your child creates their first animation they’ll be hooked!

Animation Is A Social Thing

While the classic image of an animator is of somebody hunched over a desk furiously working – the very creative act itself has a social dimension, and this can be of great benefit to your child.

They can work with friends on a small project and then upload it to YouTube or share it on Facebook. The idea of creating something and then showing it to others is a wonderful feeling and gives a tremendous sense of achievement, empowerment, confidence and self-esteem.


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