Stop motion animation is a really great way for kids to get to grips with the basics of animation in a hands-on manner with the minimum of equipment.

While they may not be able to produce the next Wallace and Gromit right away, they can certainly produce some funny little cartoons and have hours of fun in the process.


In this Hue Animation Studio review we’ll take a look at the product and see if it is worth you getting for your child.


The Hue Animation Studio is designed to be an all-in-one stop motion animation package for children. It comes with everything you need to get up and running, meaning you won’t have to go out and buy any extra equipment – just open the box, set it up and you’re away. There’s nothing more frustrating than being ready to start a small project only to realize you’re missing some materials or other equipment.

Ease of Use

The system itself is designed with children in mind, meaning that everything has been simplified as far as possible to avoid any unnecessary learning curve.

Children have a notoriously short attention span, and will not bother trying to learn a complex software. Hue Animation Studio passes this test with flying colours with a simple interface, an easy to operate and maneuver camera and straight forward playback options.

The “onion-skinning” feature is really great and lets you see the frames before the current one, which makes it easier to maintain the flow of your animation.

Quality of Camera

It’s worth mentioning the camera that comes as part of the package. It takes a good quality HD image with the capability of 10x zoom, and is very easy to maneuver with it’s snake-like stand, meaning you don’t need any tripod or anything. It also means it is ideal for little fingers that can sometimes get caught in fiddly tripods.

Setup Time

The setup time of this software is really quick, just install the software via the included CD, plug in the camera through your USB port and you’re away!

Plasticine Included

An extra benefit is the inclusion of some modeling clay with the package. This means your child can start animating immediately, and you don’t need to lay out any extra expense. Don’t forget that they can also make use of any “props” that they have at home (e.g. action figures, toy cars, etc) – these can be really fun things to animate.


Some folks have commented on the camera quality. One reviewer on Amazon stated that the swan-neck design is not really appropriate for animation on a low table since you’re always tending to look down. Also, they felt that the image quality could be higher especially when compared to other webcams on the market.

I would say that while it may not be the perfect camera, it is ideal for many simple setups. Also, you can always use your own webcam instead if you wish, as it is fully compatible with this software.

Overall Verdict

Overall, we feel that the Hue Animation Studio is one of the best stop motion animation softwares for kids available on the market, and at a price that is reasonable. It has all the sorts of capabilities that one would require like onion skinning, adding sounds, text and simple export functions…all in a very easy to use system that can be easily set up or packed away to be taken on holiday or round to a friend’s house for small projects.

At £59 it is not that much more expensive than many of the latest video games, yet is far more educational and fun for your kids.


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