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flip boom cartoon reviewThe Toon Boom company is synonymous with animation software, with their flagship Harmony and Animate products being used by the big Hollywood studios and freelancers worldwide.

Trouble is, these softwares can be a challenge to learn for even the most accomplished animator…which meant that for a while there was a large gap in the market for easy to use animation software for young children.

Enter Flip Boom Cartoon…

This is designed specifically for young children of a few years of age and upwards to help them learn the basics of animation in a fun environment that is not going to bore the pants off them.

But is it any good? Read our review below to find out more…

What Age Group Is It For?

The Flip Boom Cartoon software is aimed particularly at children between 6 and 12 years of age, most of whom will be complete beginners to the craft of animation. It’s goal is to provide the easiest way to introduce children to animation in a way that they can build on later with more advanced techniques and softwares.


Flip Boom Cartoon has a clearly laid out and easy to navigate interface which makes it easy for your child to get started with their animation.

It makes full use of the screen size which helps focus and concentration.

On the whole the interface follows the same design pattern of almost all of the more advanced professional animation softwares…so it gives your child a good introduction without the clutter.

Is It Easy To Use?

Flip Boom Cartoon is very easy to use, and you can get started with your first drawing straightaway.

By using the “onion skin” feature, your child can trace their previous drawings and make small changes with each one to create movement…press Play and they have their first animation.

The software also comes with a library of clip art and templates to give your child ideas for their cartoons along with some sounds that can be added to the animations directly inside the program…no need to export a movie and add it on in a 3rd party program like you have to do in Animation-ish.

You can also record sound directly into the software as a voice-over or dialogue for your characters which is really handy and saves the need of using another program. You can’t unfortunately import other mp3 sounds though…you need to record everything within the program itself. Toon Boom’s Flip Boom All-Star program allows this function.

There are also a variety of export options so your child can share their first cartoons with friends and family. This is made very easy by the “upload to FaceBook and YouTube” options within the software itself.


Probably the biggest drawback with the Flip Boom Cartoon software is that you can’t import other images to use in the program. The only way to have backgrounds is to create them directly in the program itself or use some of the templates provided. The same goes for sounds as mentioned above.

Older or more experienced children may want to use more advanced features that can be found in the Flip Boom All Star package.


Flip Boom Cartoon is a great little animation software for kids that will have them up and making their first cartoons in no time.

The learning curve is very easy and since it is pretty much a scaled-down version of Toon Boom’s other high-end software it is a great introduction for your child that they can easily build on in future if they want to pursue animation further and upgrade to more advanced software.

At $39 it is a reasonably priced software, especially since most video games these days cost a lot more than that and provide a lot less educational value.


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