Getting your child into animation is a great way to help them develop their creative skills and artistic talents but finding the right piece of software can be tough if you’re unsure of what to look for.

After all, you don’t want to waste time and money on some expensive kit only to find it’s either too complicated or not what your child is interested in.

So, I thought it would be handy to give you some tips and things to think about when considering which is the best animation software for your kids.

How Old Are They?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the age of your child and the level of their ability.

Young children will be looking for something simple with a strongly visual interface and not too many hidden menus and fancy bells and whistles. Something like Flip Boom or TAB kids might be a great choice in this case.

Older children will naturally be more tech-savvy and may already have some familiarity with cartooning and animation, and so may be ready for a more powerful piece of software like Toon Boom Studio, which is actually a professional level tool…so this could give them a great head start on developing real-world expertise for a future career in the animation industry.

What Kind of Animation Will They Be Doing?

The next important consideration is what kind of animation will they be doing?

Are they more into classical 2d cartoons or the latest whizz-bang 3d techniques? Or is stop-motion plasticine animation like Wallace and Gromit the sort of thing that gets their creative juices flowing?

Deciding this will help you choose the best software the job.

What Hardware Do You Have?

While even the smallest laptop these days is powerful enough to run most softwares, it’s best to check the spec requirements of the animation software you want to purchase first, since some require a decent graphics card. But as I say, most computers these days are powerful enough as standard, and if you can view videos on it fairly well you should be fine.

Also bear in mind that if your child will be doing stop motion animation you’ll need some kind of camera and tripod.

A pen tablet can be a great tool for any 2d drawn animation also.

Mac or PC?

Most animation software for kids is compatible for both Mac and PC computers, but it’s always best to check first to save yourself some grief later.

What Sort of Budget Do You Have?

As with anything in life, marking out a basic budget will help you decide on which piece of kids animation software to go for.

Bear in mind that the animation software available on the market ranges from free to several thousands of dollars.

Don’t take out that second mortgage just yet though…most paid software for kids is nowhere near that price, and most can be purchased for well under 100 bucks.

“Free” Software Comes With A Price

While you can certainly pick up some nifty little free animation software programs, it’s worth noting that you may not receive much support in terms of updates, installations, user guides etc.

Free and open source software is down to the discretion of the creators and community that builds up around them, and since it is voluntary there may not be the support available that you require.


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