While everyone is going crazy over the latest high-tech CG creations from Pixar and Dreamworks, let’s not forget that stop motion animation has been going a lot longer than any of these companies.

Brought into the mainstream by the likes of Wallace and Gromit, Morph, Creature Comforts, as well as other children’s TV favourites, stop motion animation is a great way for children to really understand the process and craft of animation in a fun and hands on way.

Most stop motion animation software for kids is super simple meaning all you need is a computer, some kind of camera or recording device and an eager child and that’s it! 🙂 No need for complex software and difficult menus…just straight into the fun.

Below I’ve listed what are the best stop motion softwares on the market today that are designed specifically for children. There are lots of professional ones out there, but they either require a powerful computer, lots of equipment, a steep learning curve, or all three.

Your child is not going to spend time on that…they want to see results as fast as possible, and so the simple stop motion softwares listed below will give them an opportunity to play around with the medium and get to grips with timing and movement over a sequence of frames. Some even come with a packet of plasticine and the camera included, meaning your child can get started as soon as they open the box.


Best Stop Motion Animation Software For Kids


Hue Animation Studio

Claymation Studio 3.0


Boinx iStopMotion