These days it can be daunting for a young teen to consider their future career path, what with so much change, economic uncertainty and shift in education.

More and more teens are abandoning the old traditional college subjects of law, history or medicine and embracing “new media” subjects like animation, because of a broader range of creative job opportunities.

Unfortunately, high schools and primary schools have been slow in providing early training and fundamentals in animation, but thankfully are just beginning to see the light.

For this reason animation provision is woefully small in many schools with very little quality animation software available.

If your teen has been bitten by the animation bug and wants to learn how to animate, there are a number of softwares available out there that can give teenagers a good grounding in animation techniques while also helping them to find their way around professional level softwares that are used in studio environments.

This can really give your child a big head start with real world experience when looking at job placements and career opportunities.

Below you’ll find a list of what we consider to be the best animation software for teens. Take a look and see which one would be best for your teenager

Flip Boom All Star

Toon Boom Studio

Anime Studio Debut



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