Animated movies like Wall-E, Cars, and Kung Fu Panda are the best examples of 3d computer animation today.

However, it’s not just these feature animation movies but the entire visual effects industry involved in movies such as Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia that relies heavily on computer animation software to bring their visions and ideas to life.

As such, it provides another possible career opportunity for creative children to pursue and aspire to. So getting them started early with some 3d animation software can give them a head start on their peers.

What I Don’t Recommend

While there are some simple computer animation programs for kids available, I don’t typically recommend them to very young children who are complete beginners.

3d software often has a much steeper learning curve than 2d or stop motion, and is therefore less appropriate for the younger child who is more interested in just making something move more than fancy graphics.

3d computer animation software is therefore more ideal for older children and teens or those who already have the basics down in 2d or stop motion.

Check out our favourites below:


Best 3d Computer Animation Software For Kids